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The Brotherhood of the Ways is a guild of mages, fully dedicated to the Magic, all sides of all ways of magic.

 Initiate, Apprentice or Master anyone can join the brotherhood of the Ways (Inner Circle).
 But mages from others guilds who doesnt want to leave their guild can also join the Outer Circle of the brotherhood, they will be invited to any discussion/meeting regarding Magic.

 In case of urgent matter, Inner Circle & Outer Circle Master Mages will be invited to the "Conclave of the Ways".

 It's why we invite any master mages to join the Brotherhood of the Ways, having you all in, even in the Outer Circle with your competences could help a lot in case of urgent matter that requires us to be very reactive.

 To join the Brotherhood, just contact Kaly, Fulor or any other brothers.

 In order to help apprentice & adept to master their Way, the Brotherhood is offering the possibility to rent/loan magical items (Staff, wand, Bracers & robes) required to progress into their Circles.

 As most of us are advanced in the differents Magics Circles, The Brotherhood has a lot of connection with with mage from all over Yliakum, This helped us collecting some spare glyphes from age, so if you are missing a glyph contact one of us and  he will let you know if we have it or not, if we don't it may be easier for us to find it.


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